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Nature’s Gift to You

Welcome to the wonder of the Dead Sea, the lowest point on earth, yielding salts and mud containing the most powerful and nourishing mix of minerals known to man.
From Cleopatra to King David and Herod the Great, the Dead Sea is the world’s most ancient natural spa retreat. Today, as it was centuries ago, the Dead Sea draws thousands of visitors to its shores, seeking the nurturing benefits of its natural elements for effective skin and hair care. Modern science has finally uncovered the mysteries of this magical region, and Pure Mineral has captured the soothing, healing and beautifying power of Dead Sea minerals in its range of pampering products, delivered direct from nature to you.

The World’s Natural Spa

The Dead Sea is one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water, resting approximately 400 meters below sea level. Its powerful salinity prevents the growth of flora and fauna in its waters, except for a unique type of algae that only flourishes in salt water. Yet despite its name, the Dead Sea has long been renowned for its nourishing salts and mud that provide effective calming, repairing and rejuvenating benefits for the skin.
Fed mainly by the River Jordan from the north, and by numerous springs and streams from the east and west, the Dead Sea is a closed basin with no outflow. High levels of evaporation into the hot, dry air ensure the Dead Sea waters retain a potent concentration of salts and minerals. The heavy density of the water creates the floating effect for which the Dead Sea is famous. In addition, leaching of minerals from the unique geological formations of the area contributes to the rich mineral composition in Dead Sea salts and in the thermo-minerals springs found along its shores.
The natural sediment that settles at the sea floor is what is known as Dead Sea mud, a vigorous concentration of the goodness of the Dead Sea in a thick, nourishing mud that works wonders on the skin.

Gratify Your Skin

The Dead Sea waters comprise a rich, healthy cocktail of 27 minerals that work in unison to support and nurture the skin. Dead Sea salts and minerals are renowned for their exceptional cleansing and exfoliating activity, with anti-inflammatory properties and effective removal of toxins, dead skin cells and impurities, creating optimal conditions for cell rejuvenation and regeneration that aids healing of skin conditions and gives the skin a look of youth and vibrancy.
Here are just some of the most concentrated and powerful minerals your skin enjoys from Dead Sea therapeutic treatment:
Magnesium: activates enzymes to accelerate skin renewal
Potassium: rejuvenates skin cells with new energy
Bromide: improves the body’s mineral balance
Calcium: strengthens the cell membranes and relieves pain

From the Dead Sea, With Love

Due to its low altitude and high atmospheric pressure, the Dead Sea region is characterized by reduced radiation from the sun’s rays, extremely high concentration of oxygen levels, and low levels of airborne pollen and allergens. Even the air you breathe at the Dead Sea is unique, offering special benefits for your health and wellbeing. Together with the rich mineral content of the seawater and mud, the Dead Sea offers an exclusive, naturally-occurring spa experience. This goodness, and more, is harnessed in Pure Mineral products, so you can make the Dead Sea a part of your body care routine, every day, wherever you are.

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